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Fascial Release Deep Tissue Massage

I’m Gio, and I’ve been practicing massage therapy for the past two decades. It’s been quite a journey, filled with moments of learning, growth, and the simple joy of helping others feel better.

In my practice, I specialize in something called fascial release deep tissue massage. Now, you might not have heard that exact term before, but essentially, it’s a technique that focuses on releasing tension in the body’s fascial system to promote relaxation and alleviate pain.


Chronic Muscular Pain

 Many individuals suffer from ongoing muscular pain due to factors such as poor posture, repetitive movements, or past injuries. Fascial release deep tissue massage targets deep-seated tension within the muscles and fascia, providing relief from chronic pain and discomfort.


Improve Range of Motion

Tightness in the muscles and fascia can restrict mobility and flexibility, making it difficult to perform everyday activities or engage in physical exercise. By releasing tension and restoring proper alignment, fascial release deep tissue massage helps improve range of motion, allowing for greater ease of movement.


Sports Injuries

Athletes and fitness enthusiasts often experience sports-related injuries, such as sprains, strains, or muscle imbalances. Fascial release deep tissue massage can aid in the rehabilitation process by reducing inflammation, promoting tissue healing, and preventing future injuries.


Stress and Tension

Mental and emotional stress can manifest physically in the form of muscle tension and stiffness. Fascial release deep tissue massage not only targets physical tension but also promotes relaxation and stress relief, leaving you feeling more balanced and rejuvenated.


Postural Issues

Prolonged sitting, standing, or improper body mechanics can lead to postural imbalances and related discomfort. Fascial release deep tissue massage helps correct postural misalignments by releasing tight fascia and muscles, restoring balance to the body and alleviating associated pain.


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Have been a loyal client for 8 years now. Have done multiple comrades, iron man and long distance trail runs and been free from injury - all attributed to one thing only, my weekly sessions! THE BEST
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